Invalid License Code?

If you see an "Invalid license code" message when entering your code, please follow below instructions:


1. Always download Musereo software from

Here is the official download page.

Files downloaded from any third-party website may be outdated or corrupted.

2. Always download the LATEST files

Our software packages are updated regularly.

To download the latest files, you may need to first clear the cache of your web browser.

3. Make sure to download the RIGHT software

Don't mistake Mono to Stereo Converter and Stereo to Mono Converter. Yes, quite a few users mistake the two.

To convert your MP3 files into stereo, please download Mono to Stereo Converter.
To convert your MP3 files into mono, please download Stereo to Mono Converter.


4. Always copy-and-paste your code. Never type it

The dash characters ("-") are parts of the code and should NOT be excluded.