Musereo Mono to Stereo Converter Screenshots

Greetings Page This is the greetings page when you first start Musereo Mono to Stereo Converter.


Click Purchase a Musereo License if you want to place a secure order online. Your license code will be emailed to you within minutes after your purchase. After you receive your license code, you can click Enter License Code to remove all nags and limitations. After you entering the code, this page will not be shown to you again.


Click Continue to Evaluate Musereo if you just want to try out this application.

Getting Started Page The Getting Started page provides some basic info for you to getting started with the application.


Click button X at the top-right corner to dismiss this page.


Check option Don't show this to me again if you don't want to see this page next time this application is started.

The Workspace To add files for conversion, click toolbar button Add Files, or simple drag files from Windows Explorer into the files list.


To remove items from the list, just select them, then click toolbar button Remove.


To remove all items from the list, click toolbar button Clear.

Conversion in Progress To start conversion, click button Convert (at bottom-right of the main window). Note this button then changes its label into Stop.


At any time during conversion, you can click Stop button to abort the process. You may need to wait a few seconds for the process to actually stop.

Options Dialog To fine tune the converter options, click toolbar button Options.


Stereo width Drag the slider right to increase the width of the stereo field.
Resonance Drag the slider right to generate more resonances (to increase harmonic richness).
Balance Use positive value to make the right channel louder; negative value to make the left channel louder.
Panning Use positive value to pan sound source right; negative value to pan sound source left.
Search in Progress The Add by Search Wizard helps you choose mono audio files for conversion by searching through a folder you specify.


At any time during searching, you can click Abort button to abort the process.


When search is completed, you can click Finish button to add the listed files for conversion. Note that unchecked items will not be added.